Resilience acquires Betterise

The healthtech company Resilience acquires Betterise, a specialist in remote monitoring, in a complete transformation of the care journey in oncology


Paris, 9 November 2021

Resilience, the healthtech company dedicated to monitoring cancer patients, announces the acquisition of Betterise, a French company specialising in remote monitoring and therapeutic follow-up.

Founded in 2013, Betterise has developed digital care solutions based on the collection and analysis of life data in real time. Deployed in around twenty facilities, its medical devices bearing the CE mark (Class IIa) allow the early detection of recurrence, complications or toxicities linked to therapies and provide patients with personalised therapeutic support.

Designed with Gustave Roussy, the 5th largest cancer centre in the world, Resilience offers a mobile application to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The application provides patients with reliable content developed by more than 30 renowned specialists. Resilience thus provides everyone with an encyclopaedia of articles, videos and podcasts to create a better understanding of the symptoms and concerns encountered and then relieving them, in particular via supportive care strategies.

Therapeutic remote monitoring: scientifically proven results

At the ASCO 2020 congress, the results of the CAPRI study (Oncology Care Pathway in the Île-de-France region) were presented, providing the first scientific proof that a device combining digital technology and new human organisation significantly improves the clinical follow-up of patients treated with oral anticancer therapies. As an innovative solution developed by Gustave Roussy research teams since 2015, CAPRI has proven its ability to reduce toxicities related to side effects, which can sometimes require treatment to be reduced or interrupted, and to reduce both the number and length of hospitalisations related to these toxicities. Patients have reacted very positively.

“The results of the CAPRI study make it possible to view remote monitoring devices as the new standard for follow-up of oral therapies in oncology. By integrating this technology into the core of our solution, we aim to accelerate its adoption in care facilities, thus allowing patients to benefit from more suitable, personalised and above all more human follow-up,” says Jonathan Benhamou, co-founder of Resilience.

From 1 January 2022, remote monitoring of chronically ill patients will enter into common law, thanks to Article 24 of the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS 2022).
In other words, remote monitoring can now be reimbursed by Social Security.

Betterise x Resilience: Reinforcing relationships and fighting against patient isolation

By integrating the Betterise technology, Resilience aims to respond to two severe imbalances in the health system, namely the care relationship and patient isolation:

Care relationship : 18 million cancer cases are diagnosed worldwide each year and the WHO estimates that there will be 30 million cases by 2040. However, there are only 67,000 oncologists worldwide. This imbalance leads to clear inequalities in patients’ access to care. Re-establishing the relationship between patients and their care team therefore becomes essential. Digital tools allow patients to share the symptoms they experience on a daily basis. Real-time data collection makes it possible to accurately understand the problems encountered by each patient. The follow-up of each patient can finally be ultra-personalised.

The necessary degree of sharing with healthcare professionals but also between patients:
If they have less follow-up, patients may feel left alone to manage their disease and the side-effects associated with their treatments. This can sometimes lead to reduced treatment efficacy or even abandonment of treatment (up to 30% non-adherence to treatment according to ASCO). The consequence is a higher number of hospitalisations, some of which could be avoided.  

“We’re very pleased to join the Resilience teams, with whom we share the ambition and vision to offer a new care experience based on a precise understanding of patients, combining digital and human follow-up by caregivers, thus allowing easier and personalised therapeutic decision-making,” states Paul-Louis Belletante, co-founder of Betterise.

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