At the service of caregivers.
For the benefit of patients.

Betterise is a French company based in Biarritz.
We support caregivers in the remote therapy management of their patients with our reliable, secure and certified software.

Our services have already supported more than 500,000 people since 2013 and we’re committed to the further development of our services.



We’re dedicated to serving caregivers. Our tools can never be a substitute for caregivers, but are designed to facilitate their relationship with their patients.



We believe in the benefits of taking things step by step. We have to take the time to understand, create respect and improve.



We strive for excellence in our company, in every aspect and every day. Our goal is a job well done, with the highest quality in what we offer.



For patients. For caregivers. For the human beings who are the focus of our services. For the regulations in force. For everyone’s role. For the marketplace. For each of us, every single day.
4 medical devices
declared to ANSM (French National Agency for Medicinal and Health Product Safety)
500,000 +
languages supported
2 M
words of content

Our Journey

Foundation of the company

February 2013: let’s Betterise each person’s health!

Research & development

Scientific and technical validation of our vision – using everyone’s data to improve their health.

Creation of BQL

Creation of Betterise Query Language: a proprietary indexing language that translates the complexity and specificity all patients and their environment into data that can be used by a digital therapeutic process.

Version 1, Platform

February 2014: First version of our digital therapy support platform. Algorithms, administration interfaces – everything is ready to create services for our patients.

Content base

Creation of the content base.
17 health topics, 2 million words.

Launch of the service

Launch of the Primary Prevention service,

1st deals

With prestigious partners.

Launch of #MBM

Moi, Bientôt Maman is a mobile application to support you during your pregnancy. It’s among the top 3 most downloaded health applications and the no. 1 downloaded pregnancy application.

100,000+ users

Over 100,000 users of our services.

Partnership with Bordeaux University Hospital

Research partnership with Bordeaux University Hospital, Department of Coronary and Vascular Diseases, for the implementation of Therapeutic Support & Remote Monitoring services for Cardiology.

Launch of Betterise Diabetes

Support service for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients, available for iOS and Android. Agreement with a laboratory for worldwide distribution.

Version 2, Platform

Complete rewriting of the platform and all its components. Enhanced security, more power: BQL now supports more than 3,000 criteria per patient.

Beta, Betterise Cardio

Therapeutic support & remote monitoring service for Cardiology.

ePRO – Oncology

Start of work on a Patient-Reported Outcomes service for oncology, in collaboration with UNICANCER.

Available in 14 languages

Our services are available in 14 languages, for example in English, Traditional Chinese, Norwegian and Russian.

300,000+ users

Over 300,000 users of our services.

Quality system

Implementation of a comprehensive quality system in conformity with the requirements of ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14971, ISO 62304 and ISO 62366.

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

Construction of a General Security Policy for Health Information System (PGSSI-S) in conformity with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.

Version 3, Platform: Theraflow

Launch of Theraflow, a new-generation remote monitoring and clinical decision support platfor

ISO 13485 certification

Our quality management system is ISO 13 485-certified by the French medical devices notified body, GMED.

Medical devices, Class I

Declaration to ANSM of our first two Class I Medical Devices, in oncology and cardiology

Secure video calls

Added video functionality to allow patient management during containment.

Medical devices, Class IIa

Our products Oncolaxy and Cardiolaxy, medical software for monitoring and clinical decision support in Oncology and Cardiology, have obtained CE marking, Class IIa according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC.

500,000+ users

More than 500,000 people have used one of our services for their health since 2013.

To be continued!

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We respect patients, caregivers and the applicable regulations.
It may be the smallest of things, but above all it’s what changes everything.

Medical Devices

Our products are declared to the ANSM as genuine Medical Devices and carry the CE mark.

ISO 13485 certification

We’re certified by GMED as meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485.

Security – PGSSI-S

We’re aligned with the requirements of PGSSI-S / ISO 27001: the safety of patients and the security of their data is ensured.

Data – GDPR

We comply with the GDPR requirements on data processing and the provision of good information to our users.

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