Oncolaxy allows the follow-up and support of cancer patients - regardless of the type of cancer, stage or treatment. It offers a unique approach in Europe.

Oncolaxy is a software package indicated for remote monitoring of cancer patients.

Oncolaxy allows the automatic detection of recurrences or complications related to therapies. It results in an improvement in patients’ quality of life and an increase in overall survival.

It is a Class IIa Medical Device declared to the ANSM, designed according to ISO 13485 certified procedures.

Oncolaxy was created by Betterise, an independent French company that has supported more than 500,000 patients since 2013.


 Oncolaxy provides reliable and secure assistance to caregivers in managing their patients remotely thanks to three main features:

Remote monitoring

Oncolaxy makes it possible to monitor patients remotely and adapt their care optimally.


Oncolaxy assists caregivers in the detection of recurrence and the management of therapy complications.


Oncolaxy allows remote therapeutic patient education and the optimisation of supportive care.

For patients

Patients are sent a weekly questionnaire by SMS to report their symptoms in a few minutes.

The questionnaire can also be received by e-mail.

For caregivers

The data is analysed and if any anomalies are detected, an alert is sent by e-mail.

The care team can access a clear table at any time to understand the patient’s health status and how it changed over the last few weeks.

This allows the care to be adapted if necessary.

Additional feature: therapeutic patient education

Patients have access to therapeutic education content adapted to their reported symptoms and pathology, to help them better understand what they should do and can do on a daily basis.

This reduces the burden on care teams and allows them to focus on patients who require more comprehensive support.

Tomorrow in your care facility.

No installation, no configuration. Deployable as a standalone version in just a few hours.
Compatible with patient portals.
Can be fully integrated into the services you already offer.
Easy interconnection with your EHR. No multiplication of tools: just improvement of existing ones.

Clinical evidence

Improvement in overall survival

+ 5.2 months

31.2 months [24.5-39.6] in the PRO follow-up group
26.0 months [22.1-30.9] in conventional follow-up group

Allows better assessment of symptoms


of symptoms are not detected by conventional monitoring

Impact on quality of life after treatment


of patients in the PRO follow-up group reported a benefit in terms of quality of life compared to the conventional follow-up group.

The Oncolaxy algorithm was designed on the basis of a comprehensive clinical evaluation, drawing on numerous international publications.

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Oncolaxy meets the most stringent regulatory requirements in terms of quality and safety

Class IIa Medical Device

Oncolaxy is a Class IIa Medical Device,
registered in EUDAMED,
bearing the CE mark.

ISO 13485 certification

We’re certified by GMED as meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485.

Security – PGSSI-S

We’re aligned with the requirements of PGSSI-S / ISO 27001: the safety of patients and the security of their data is ensured.

Data – GDPR

We comply with the GDPR requirements on data processing and the provision of good information to our users.

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Indication: Oncolaxy is indicated for the follow-up of cancer patients, allowing the analysis of the global evolution of biomedical dynamics with the aim of detecting progression, recurrence or therapeutic toxicity.

Date of last modification: V2.0.0, 19.11.2020

Regulatory information

Oncolaxy is a clinical decision support software used to monitor cancers during their evolution (during treatment and surveillance phases), in addition to conventional monitoring.

Oncolaxy allows the analysis of the global evolution of the bio-medical dynamics in order to detect evolution, recurrence or toxicity of a therapy.

Oncolaxy is a Medical Device bearing the CE mark
In accordance with rule 10 of Annex IX of Directive 93/42/EEC, Oncolaxy is classified as a Class IIa device.

Oncolaxy is manufactured by Betterise Technologies, 24 Avenue Victor Hugo 64200 Biarritz FRANCE, under certified procedures that comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485:2016.

This medical device is a regulated health product that bears, under this regulation, the CE marking
All users are advised to read the instructions for use provided before first use.

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